About Impress Kids Games

John memorizing God's Word  with children in San Clemente, CA – 1986
Impress Kids was born out of a journey and a passion God started in a young man in 1985. John Tice came to faith in Jesus Christ and was impacted by pastors who loved God and committed His truth to memory. John found himself drawn to this and was convinced he needed to do the same for his own sake and for his new life in Christ. He quickly experienced the power of God's Word to transform him from the inside out.

At about the same time, John began serving children in a local church in San Clemente, California (a fantastic coastal town, by-the-way, just north of San Diego). There, John fell in love with children's ministry. Since then, he has served as a volunteer, Bible Club missionary, and children's pastor making Bible memory a cornerstone of his work.

A Drive and a Dream

"One summer night in 1997", John recalls, "I had just awarded a trophy to a twelve year-old boy who had successfully completed a six-year Bible memory program. While driving home from the boy's church, I began to dream about how to make children's Bible memory better. I dreamed of a plan that could work with any church program, school, or family. I envisioned ways to make memorizing Scripture fun, engaging and effective." Though the dream had gone dormant, at times, John say's, "God has not allowed me to let go of this dream."

From Dream to Reality

Three major events have moved this dream to its present reality. First, mobile and Internet technologies have advanced at break-neck speed. And, children's access to these technologies have become broad and commonplace. The second event is John's introduction to Andrew Hawes in 2009. God's journey for Andrew and his family placed them in the backyard (literally) of the church where John was serving as children's pastor. Andrew's commitment to Kingdom work, his experiences as web developer and designer, as well as his remarkable ability to overcome technology barriers make Andrew a perfect and unique fit for this work. The third event is the handful of generous investors who quickly caught the vision for Impress Kids—enough to take a substantial risk—and, whose motivation is more in the potential impact than in any possible returns.

The Creative Years

From 2011 through 2015 John Tice lead our small team to create and run what was to become the Impress Kids service which served churches, families, Christian schools, and other groups. During this time we created and launch the website, created great games like Verse Hero, Granny's Bible Dojo, and Lily Pad Hop, as well as produced a number of great videos to support the service. We even launch Granny's Bible Dojo as an app on iOS and later Android.

From Business to Free-to-Play

In 2016 Impress Kids changed from a business to a volunteer lead initiative headed-up by Andrew Hawes. The subscription model was replaced with a new free-to-play model that is focused on the primary games that Impress Kids had developed.

The future is in God's hands

We love what we do at Impress Kids and hope that we can keep it going and even expand in the future. Stay connected with us on our Facebook page to find out more.